Anne Banks



Anne Banks grew up in the townland of Faughts in Calry and was the only child of John and Mary Anne (Dolan) Banks.  The Banks family lived in the first house of the Goldwrappers just across from Ballyglass house.  Anne was educated in Dunally National School and the Technical School, Sligo.  Over the years she has been an active member of the Calry community and has been involved with local social groups such as the Irish Country Women’s Association (ICA) and Calry Agricultural Show.  She is a skilled craftswoman with expertise in the embroidery, crochet, knitting and fine needlework.  Anne has a keen interest in the history of Calry and has an excellent recollection of rural life in the area dating back to the 1940s and beyond based on stories handed down by her parents and grandparents.  Her father, Johnny, was the second generation of the Banks family to work for the Wynnes of Hazelwood House and he witnessed the sunset days of the Wynne estate during a time of major land tenure transformation in Ireland when large estates were taken over by the newly-established Land Commission and re-allocated to small landholders in the early days of the Irish Free State.  Anne is a member of Calry Local History Society.


26/08/2016 Anne Banks – ‘Working for the Wynnes’

26/08/2016 Anne Banks – ‘A Lovely Home in the Goldwrappers’